A beautiful smile arouses sympathy and opens doors - prerequisites for this are healthy and beautiful teeth. Where flawless teeth are naturally rare, unfortunately, orthodontic treatment can help effectively. Whether your teeth are too narrow, the gaps between the teeth are too large, whether your teeth are crooked or have grown unevenly, we do everything we can to give you a carefree smile. The most modern treatment methods based on the latest scientific knowledge help us.

Dental corrections in children and adolescents are not uncommon. Orthodontic treatment is recommended for around 70 percent of all children and adolescents. Anyone whose teeth have been corrected at a young age can look forward to a beautiful, even tooth pattern for life. In children, treatment for tooth correction usually begins between the ages of 9 and 12 years. During this time, the change from baby teeth to permanent dentition takes place. The growth of the jaw is not yet complete at this age and we can still regulate the shape of the jaw with a removable clamp. Teeth can also be corrected successfully in teenage years.

In children, we use removable braces in our orthodontics that regulate jaw growth. If treatment of pronounced tooth misalignments is required at preschool age, we also consider this to be child-friendly for very young people, e.g. B. colored brackets that are ready to support the playful game. In teenage and adult years, when the tooth change is completely completed, fixed braces usually lead to the desired treatment result. This is where the multiband is used and brackets made of metal or optionally tooth-colored ceramic are permanently attached to the teeth. The brackets are holding elements for elastic arches, rubber bands and springs, which exert a gentle but even pull on the teeth. This will gradually bring the teeth into the desired position.

Orthodontic treatment also promises success in adulthood. Tooth corrections not only improve aesthetics, they also have a positive effect on dental health. Too close teeth can lead to tooth decay or incorrect positions can limit the chewing function. Adults usually have different braces requirements. Aesthetic aspects also play an important role here. That is why adults often opt for an inconspicuous or invisible device that limits them as little as possible in professional and social life. In some cases we can also offer you invisible solutions that suit your everyday life.

Which orthodontic treatment is suitable for you depends not only on age and aesthetic requirements, but also on the type of deformity. That is why we first carry out a thorough diagnosis in our orthodontics, which provides information about your individual initial situation. We use digital X-rays to analyze your jaw and discuss possible treatment concepts with you. As your orthodontist, we focus on transparency and explain in detail the advantages and disadvantages of different treatment methods that may be of interest to you. Of course, we also clarify the exact course of treatment, post-treatment and the resulting costs.

In addition to classic braces, removable appliances and the multiband, we also work with almost invisible solutions. In exceptional cases, there is the option of offering discrete tooth corrections using "aligner systems".

Our CC-Aligner consists of individually made transparent plastic splints. They are exchanged by the patient for a new pair approximately every 14 days and gradually adapt to the change in tooth position. However, this type of braces is only suitable for minor malpositions and requires particularly intensive retention measures so that the teeth do not return to the starting position after the treatment has ended.


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