If you frequently suffer from pain in the head, neck or spine, this may well have causes in the area of ​​the teeth or temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Craniomandibular dysfunctions (CMD) can transmit pain beyond the head.
Our chewing system including the TMJ has to be able to perform complicated and coordinated movements. And every single part of this system, the teeth, joints, bones, and muscles, plays an important role. Once one of these parts is disturbed, it comes to dysfunctions, which are reflected, among other things in joint cracking, teeth grinding and pain in the head area.

Many dysfunctions can already be corrected with bite aids (splints). With the help of the splint therapy it is possible for us to correct any changed bite conditions again.

In some cases it is also necessary to have orthodontic treatments done. For interdisciplinary use, osteopaths and physiotherapists can also be consulted.