Sweats, shaky hands, restlessness and shortness of breath are the symptoms of some anxiety patients when a dental appointment is due. In extreme cases, even to circulatory collapse. About 10% of the population in Germany suffer from this phobia.
Most people have a certain amount of shyness or discomfort when undergoing dental treatment, which is relatively normal.
Bad experiences, usually in childhood, are often the reason for a dental phobia. Therefore, it is extremely important that the first visit to the dentist is lovingly accompanied and cared for by parents and the dental team.
Fear patients would like to be treated, but the fear is so dominant and the mental symptoms of the phobia can not be overcome. They often avoid the visit to the dentist and put up with devastating health consequences.
We give you the opportunity to get to know the practice and our team better. Take your time to get an impression of us.
Our team will deal with all outstanding issues with complete transparency and we look forward to convincing you that your appointment with us will take place without fear or pain.
As a general rule, anxiety patients should have a check-up carried out at least twice a year so that extensive treatment is not necessary.
The regular experience that the visit to the dentist is not associated with pain, strengthens your self-confidence for the next visit and also helps you to start a treatment.
We try to take time for you and empathize with you to understand your personal situation and help you to overcome your fear of the dentist. Relaxed and trusting conversations, with the help of which we create a treatment concept, are individually tailored to you.
If our successful methods do not reach our goal and the fear of the dentist can not be overcome, we will discuss with you the most pleasant anesthetic version under nitrous oxide or general anesthesia with one of our external colleagues.

Our anxiety patients are also important to us and we want to achieve a pleasant treatment experience.