The main cause of periodontitis are bacteria that accumulate between the tooth and the gums and cause inflammatory diseases.
The precursor of periodontitis is the so-called gingivitis. It is curable through early treatment by a professional dental cleaning and oral hygiene education. Should this gingivitis be ignored and not treated, gradually a chronic periodontitis develops.
An endodontic treatment, also called root canal treatment, is always necessary when the pulp (tooth nerve) has become inflamed or already dead in the tooth. The cause of the inflammation of a tooth nerve are usually deep-penetrating, carious defects, but also fractures with exposed tooth pulp or cracks in which bacteria have invaded and cause inflammation in the pulp area.
Root canal treatment is very time consuming and a technical challenge. By applying the most modern methods, instruments, materials and measuring techniques as well as magnifying aids, the probability of success of tooth preservation can be increased. With these tools, it is possible to salvage many teeth that would have been extracted a few years ago as standard.
Since our ultimate goal is tooth preservation, and modern endodontics deliver predictable results and increasing success rates, the final solution, endodontic treatment, should still be considered prior to extraction.
Because after a successful root canal treatment, the tooth can be rebuilt or provided with dentures. Afterwards, the tooth will remain normal next to the vital teeth.

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